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Messages of health and wellness are all around us. From weight loss to diet and nutrition, most of us see at least one message a day aimed at enticing us to join the “health kick” bandwagon.  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, why “health and wellness” is such a popular message these days? Why are so many companies, new and old, trying to get you to purchase their product, just to have “health and wellness”. Do they really have your best interest at heart? Have you ever noticed that most of the “health and wellness” products advertised to women, also have a body image message attached? Something like this:


The truth is, most weight loss, fitness, and even popular “health and wellness” advertisements are designed to make you feel guilt, shame, and even disgust with your own body so that you will buy into a particular product.  They are focused on turning you into a customer, and not necessarily turning you into the best version of yourself.  As long as you are aspiring to goals that are virtually impossible to achieve, you will remain a return customer, pursuing the “carrot” of a “perfect” body that they dangle in front of you.

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Ivy LaArtista

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Ivy Cooper, The Body Relationship Coach™ is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Body Image Expert. She offers education, empowerment, and encouragement to help people build health, loving relationships with their body and self.

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