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“…honor your body for being the home to an incredible soul.”

– Jessica Ortner 

In life we are given many choices.  We all face challenges, but we do not have to be the victim of our circumstances or the casualty of misfortune.  We always have the power to design the life we desire and to turn our pain into purpose.

See Body. Love Self. was born from the evolution of my body journey.

It was birthed as a result of my choice to reclaim my power to accept, love, and honor my own body.   It grew into a mission to educate, empower, and encourage people of all sizes to reclaim power of their bodies too.


Two years later the SBLS brand has evolved tremendously in such a short time. There have been so many who have shared in this journey and supported this mission.  In celebration of these amazing souls, I invited some of them to share their own body journey stories and to be a part of this AMAZING online celebration.

Meet the featured guests who are celebrating this 2 year anniversary with See Body. Love Self.  and learn more about how they are creating change in the world too:

Itiel McVay 

Co-Founder/Product Creator

Smell Good Spa

I decided to only provide good smelling products that would bring smiles to people’s faces. I wanted to have fun and yet bring peace and joy to those who used what I created. I do that to this day, and as business progressed and time went on, I made another decision; to evolve into a better woman. Once I was liberated in that way, my purpose became more deliberate and I consciously stirred, mixed, blended, poured, dipped, labeled and packaged that feeling into each and every product, no matter the size.  My whole self is given with each and every creation, and my heart calls for those devoted wives, loving mothers, and conscious women committed to the practice of actually living their wholeness as well.  

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Rachel Blumenfeld

CEO and Founder

Manifesta, LLC

Manifesta was just a baby of an idea in 2011, when founder Rachel Blumenfeld got tired of having to adjust her pants during runs and between every burpee, of worrying about showing too much skin during squats, and of having her shirt ride up when she lifted her arms. She was tired of pulling at the armholes of her shirts to readjust them whenever she moved. And then she noticed that she wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

So Rachel started to reimagine athletic clothing design. She got body measurements from women of all shapes and sizes, and not just the typical bust-waist-hips, but different thigh, calf, and arm measurements as well. She surveyed what people liked and disliked about various items, and found out what they wanted to see in their performance wear.

Then she spent months looking at fabrics, making sure to pick one that would be thick enough to keep you from bouncing, stretchy enough to let you move freely, breathable enough to keep you cool and odor-free, and soft enough to get post-workout coffee in. And she started making samples, working with multiple designers until she found one who really understood the female form.

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Gillian Byers

Founder & CEO

Mindfully Active

II’m Gillian and I teach exercise training that meets you where you are.  I’m on a mission to bring enjoyment and ease to exercise.   

I work with amazing women and men who dream of exercising and having a healthier life.  But maybe it feels intimidating.  Out of reach.  Too time consuming.  I’ve been through the highs and lows.  Being active has always been a part of my life.  But nothing ever lasted.  I would exercise randomly, but never consistently.   Then I found a concept that inspired me to change my approach to exercise.  I tweaked it a bit to make it my own and made it work for me.  And here’s the clincher: I’ve been consistently exercising ever since, all thanks to letting myself do just 5 minutes.  I gained the ability and energy to enjoy a variety of activities with my husband without constantly feeling out of breath.  Now, through the Mindfully Active program, I train other women who are struggling with exercise just like I did.

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Misha Granado, MPH, MS

Author | Speaker | Relationship Consultant

Love Grows: The Relationship Consultant

Misha N. Granado, MPH, MS is one of love’s most passionate advocates and has 14 years experience providing individuals with the tools to improve their professional and personal relationships. With a background in psychology and behavioral health, Misha has the knowledge, skills and expertise to help others create sustainable change in their lives, change that has a positive impact on their emotional and physical health.

Misha Speaks Love (lectures), Writes Love (books and editorials) and Brings Love (therapy) into Existence and is the Founder of Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants. Life is about relationships, and the relationship you have with self will determine and influence ALL of the relationships in your life.

A few accomplishments include: being voted The  Best in Premarital Counseling by Texas Brides, recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Relationship Consulting, a contributor to EXaholics and the author of B.L.O.O.M. Allow Misha to help you become your BEST self which will improve all of the relationships in your life.

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Lakesha Brown

Author | Speaker | Relationship Consultant

Live Different Uncommon Chick

Kesha, Head Chick and Personal Excellence Adviser at UncommonChick.com, is the Principal Web Designer at XD Web Solutions, a writer, blogger, online marketer, and speaker. She created the UncommonChick.com lifestyle community to create a new normal, seek and spark daring souls to take positive, remarkable action, and call upon un-common sense to help them get MORE (freedom, money, sex, happiness, love, joy etc.) out of life. She loves to educate others about living life outside of the status quo, challenging traditional mindsets, and self-improvement techniques especially in the areas of relationships, health and fitness, beauty and personal style, personal finance, and other general lifestyle categories. She also creates podcasts, does interviews and reviews, is very active in social media, loves hosting twitter chats and parties, and above all, Kesha likes to have fun in life!

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Kristy Fassio

Body Positive Warrior | Fitness Enthusiast | Athlete

Fit From Within

I’m Kristy, a mother of three, wife to one, friend to many.

Body Positive Warrior, fitness enthusiast, athlete, teacher, Disney freak, lover of all things musical theater, passionate about motherhood and all it brings.

I’ve joined all the gyms, stood in the back corner of the aerobics classes just in case someone *gasp* SAW my body move (did my upper arm just jiggle? GET ME OUT OF HERE!). I had a list of things I wanted to do when I was skinny, things I thought would be amazing and fun and life changing, but I was pretty sure the world wouldn’t let me do them if I wasn’t a size 4. I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on diets, trainers, books, websites, supplements and plans all to have someone tell me I wasn’t good enough. Wasn’t thin enough. Wasn’t working hard enough to really reach my goals. Now, to be honest, I met some really amazing people on that journey. People that lifted me up. People that got me to where I am now. But for the most part, at the end of every new diet , program or plan, I was left feeling like I’d failed.

All of that not enoughness left me gasping for air in a park, mid-run, tears running down my cheeks, calling my trainer and flat out quitting. Done. No more. There had to be a better way. And I’m finding it. My dieting days are over. I no longer count calories, points, or fat grams. I’m no longer thinking about my next meal when I’m only halfway done with my current one. I move my body daily because it’s my way of connecting to something that’s bigger than me. I love how it feels to run and stretch and dance and SWEAT. And that “when I’m skinny” list? I’m working my way through it, and having a ball.

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Nijah Jihad

Beauty Queen | Speaker | Blogger

Let’s Get Fab

Hi I’m Nijah J, a 30 something year old New Jersey native and lover of selfies, kittens and Zumba!  I’m a certified 1st Grade Teacher and also a beauty queen!! *queenly wave*  On April 12, 2014, I won Ms. Full Figured USA 2014 and Miss Congeniality.  This is so different from the once shy and timid young lady with low self-esteem.  I’m thankful for the changes that have taken place within me because it spilled over into all areas of my life in a great way.  Where I used to frown, now you see a radiant smile…and several selfies too!  Where I used to hate my body, I now love and appreciate it.  Although I haven’t always been kind to my body, it is getting stronger each day.  Where I used to doubt, I have become more cognizant of the words that I speak over my life – only positivity allowed.

I’m still on a journey to continue to be better and grow each day and I encourage you to join me!




Body Positive Warrior | Yogi | Podcaster

Wellness Beyond The Scale

Lana is a recovering chronic dieter who does have a long sordid past with the dieting roller coaster.  In 2012, Lana decided she’d had enough calories, points, low carb, no carb, paleo, food scale drama to last her a lifetime.  She practices a Health at Every Size approach concerning health and fitness.  Lana is a NASM-CPT and 200hr RYT.  She is currently focusing on becoming a Registered Aromatherapist and ACE Health Coach.

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This 30 minute session is no monetary cost, but it is an INVESTMENT that will change the direction of your life.  Get clarity around food, movement, and self-care that works for you.  Get the support to design the life you want!

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