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“She made a promise to herself to hold her own well-being sacred.”

Along this journey of self discovery and building my body relationship, I have learned to CELEBRATE my body in a variety of ways.  

I choose to  invest in products and practices that will support a healthy, loving relationship between my body and self.  

I choose them because they help me to move forward to becoming a better me, inside and out.  So I want to share some of these things with you, in hopes that they may help your body relationship as well.  In this series “My Body’s Favorite Things” I will be highlighting the creators of some of my favorite body loving products. I invite you to explore them for yourself and feel free to reply to me and let me know about your own experiences with them.  I’m always happy to connect you with new body positive tools for your holistic health and body relationship!  


Meet the featured ladies who are contributing the products for this series and then register to win goodies from them, below! 


Itiel McVay 

Co-Founder/Product Creator

Smell Good Spa

I decided to only provide good smelling products that would bring smiles to people’s faces. I wanted to have fun and yet bring peace and joy to those who used what I created. I do that to this day, and as business progressed and time went on, I made another decision; to evolve into a better woman. Once I was liberated in that way, my purpose became more deliberate and I consciously stirred, mixed, blended, poured, dipped, labeled and packaged that feeling into each and every product, no matter the size.  My whole self is given with each and every creation, and my heart calls for those devoted wives, loving mothers, and conscious women committed to the practice of actually living their wholeness as well.  

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Rachel Blumenfeld

CEO and Founder

Manifesta, LLC

Manifesta was just a baby of an idea in 2011, when founder Rachel Blumenfeld got tired of having to adjust her pants during runs and between every burpee, of worrying about showing too much skin during squats, and of having her shirt ride up when she lifted her arms. She was tired of pulling at the armholes of her shirts to readjust them whenever she moved. And then she noticed that she wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

So Rachel started to reimagine athletic clothing design. She got body measurements from women of all shapes and sizes, and not just the typical bust-waist-hips, but different thigh, calf, and arm measurements as well. She surveyed what people liked and disliked about various items, and found out what they wanted to see in their performance wear.

Then she spent months looking at fabrics, making sure to pick one that would be thick enough to keep you from bouncing, stretchy enough to let you move freely, breathable enough to keep you cool and odor-free, and soft enough to get post-workout coffee in. And she started making samples, working with multiple designers until she found one who really understood the female form.


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Gillian Byers

Founder & CEO

Mindfully Active 

I’m Gillian Byers and I teach exercise training that meets you where you are.  I’m on a mission to bring enjoyment and ease to exercise.   

I work with amazing women and men who dream of exercising and having a healthier life.  But maybe it feels intimidating.  Out of reach.  Too time consuming.  I’ve been through the highs and lows.  Being active has always been a part of my life.  But nothing ever lasted.  I would exercise randomly, but never consistently.   Then I found a concept that inspired me to change my approach to exercise.  I tweaked it a bit to make it my own and made it work for me.  And here’s the clincher: I’ve been consistently exercising ever since, all thanks to letting myself do just 5 minutes.  I gained the ability and energy to enjoy a variety of activities with my husband without constantly feeling out of breath.  Now, through the Mindfully Active program, I train other women who are struggling with exercise just like I did.

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GG Renee

Author & Coach

All The Many Layers

I write books and guided journals to help you find meaning in the ups and downs you go through.  I also provide self-discovery courses and challenges on how to channel emotional complexity into creativity and purpose.   I believe in multiple soul mates and love as a religion.  I believe in contradictions and not knowing and being okay with uncertainty.  I believe that forgiveness makes life peaceful and gratitude — true, deep down, tear jerking gratitude —  is life changing.  My mission is to help you see yourself and remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.  That means taking whatever lives deep down inside and finding the courage to pour it out and create beautiful things, beautiful connections and a beautiful life.  Sometimes all you need is to feel connected, to see your thoughts reflected back to you through words and stories.  Through my blog, books and self-discovery programs,I urge women to find meaning in everything they go through.

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