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Guest Appearance on These Amazing Blogs: 

  1. Up 4 Discussion: “Health & Wellness: What’s Empowerment Got to Do With It?”
  2. She Runs It: “Fearless & Ambitious: Ivy LaArtista, founder of See Body. Love Self.”
  3. Radical Selfie: “How One Naked Blogger Stays Emotionally Well” 
  4. Radical Selfie: “Body Image: More Than A Weight Thing”
  5. Uncommon Point Of View: “Naked Blogging and Manufactured Beauty”
  6. Perfectly Imperphect: “Learning To Love Yourself Is The Greatest Love Of All”
  7. Curvy Yoga: “The Curvy Seven With Ivy LaArtista
  8. All The Many Layers: “Ivy: Soulful Beauty of the Week“
  9. Uncommon Point of View: “Stop Hating Your Body”


Honorable Mentions:

  1. Gradient Lair: “Thin Privilege Is Real: Thinking About It Intersectionally”
  2. The Big Girl’s Code: “Resources”
  3. Radical Selfie: “Your Body Has A Voice Too”
  4. Radical Selfie: “Did You Know I Judged You For That?”
  5. Radical Selfie: “Who’s Feeling You Up and Why?

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