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The Captured Freedom Experience 2014 is the celebration of your body freedom, captured on camera.  Ivy La Artista, the founder of the body positive organization, See Body. Love Self. created The Captured Freedom Experience in 2013 as an opportunity for every day people to enjoy the experience of being professionally photographed, without all the pressures of having to be “perfect”.

This year Ivy has collaborated with the internationally recognized photographer Saddi Khali for The Captured Freedom Experience 2014.  Saddi Khali is known for his unique ability to capture gorgeous photographs that celebrate the beautiful humanity of his subjects, without ever using photo shop or corrective photographic tools.  He encourages the client to be comfortable in their own skin and by his amazing talents he produces photos that help them to see the beauty in what they thought were “flaws”.

In The Captured Freedom Experience 2014 Ivy will be presenting The Body Relationship Workshop to those who are looking to discover a healthy, loving relationship with their bodies.  Saddi Khali will be scheduling private, individual sessions for those who would like to have the unique experience of being the subject of his photographic art.

See the information for more details about how you can participate in each session and benefit from the entire experience!

Ivy La Artista

Are you ashamed of your body?

Do you hide or cover up certain body parts?

Do you compare your body to others?

Do you feel ugly when you gain weight?

Do you punish yourself by dieting?

Do avoid being naked in front of the mirror?

Do you avoid full body photographs?

Do you need photo shop or filters to feel beautiful?

Do you HAVE to wear makeup to feel beautiful?

Do you think you have to lose weight before a photo session?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then The Body Relationship Talk is for you! Join me as we discuss our challenges with loving our body and ourselves.  After this experience you will: have the tools to begin a healthier body relationship, know the steps towards a more positive body image, and have a list of resources to continue evolving on your body journey.

~ Ivy LaArtista

The Body Relationship Coach 

The Body Relationship Workshop

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Saddi Khali

“The age of photo shop is the age of the worst self esteem ever. most photographers can’t take a compelling image anymore unless they make it good in photo shop and most people don’t even recognize their own beauty anymore unless you use photo shop to make em look different than they actually look. I travel the world because I don’t do it the same way the millions of photographers you can easily hire in your area do it. I care more about how you TRULY feel about yourself, how u REALLY look and so I show your BEAUTY exactly how the Creator made it, using the light the Creator made and giving you the images straight out the camera, in jpeg form, exactly as we shot them.

-ur belly, ur stretchmarks, ur bones, ur jiggle & ur dimples, what happens 2 ur bosoms over time, ur surgery scars AND ur sidemeat r all beautiful 2 me. Bring em 2 me & let me show u the art in em

-i shoot all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all races, all genders, all sexual persuasions & physical limitations w/ the same reverence & respect

-let’s see ourselves beautiful, again!”

~Saddi Khali 

Saddi Khali Photo Session

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