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See Body. Love Self. was born from my own life experiences with body hate, body abuse, and body bullying due to lack of resources and support.  I have faced body challenges related to my body since an early age.  After understanding just how much my relationship with my body impacted my life story, I realized it was necessary to reach out and empower others with my experiences.  As I have journeyed from a negative body relationship to one of enlightenment, I am continuously learning to love myself and my body along the way.  My joy is in helping others discover a healthy, loving relationship with their own bodies.

I am an expert in these pain points.  If you experience pain, conflict, or shame in these areas, let’s talk so we can work towards a healthy body relationship together:

  • Body Hate- feeling strong and consistent anxiety or negative feelings about your body or body parts
  • Body Shame- having negative feelings around your body, that you keep hidden and secret
  • Body Comparison – consistently looking at others and feeling that your own body is not as beautiful, special or physically adequate
  • Body Bullying- mental, emotional, or physical suffering as a result of ridicule or embarrassment about your body

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