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About See Body. Love Self.™

What is See Body. Love Self ?


See Body. Love Self.™, founded by Ivy Cooper,  is an agent of social change that seeks to promote a body positive social climate where every body is embraced for its uniqueness. The purpose of See Body. Love Self.  is to provide empowerment, education, and encouragement for those who seek to embrace a body positive lifestyle by loving their own bodies and extending that same love and acceptance to others.

See Body. Love Self., also known as SBLS, ascribes to the belief that by educating a person on how to embrace their body now and love their entire being always, he or she will be empowered to make physical, spiritual, and emotionally healthy decisions in her life.  That empowerment leads to a holistically balanced, loving relationship with themselves and others .

SBLS encourages body love through the practice of physical, mental,  emotional, and spiritual wellness. Shunning, the body image expectations perpetuated by media and society, SBLS leads the celebration of every body regardless of size, culture, or abilities.  Although SBLS focuses on the empowerment of women, all genders are embraced and invited to be a part of the See Body. Love Self. movement.

See Body. Love Self. is an organization with a global reach that  offers support through a variety of live and virtual mediums. The founder Ivy Cooper ( A.K.A. Ivy LaArtista)  The Body Relationship Coach provides workshops, group activities, and individual sessions custom designed to meet unique needs.

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