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I was officially diagnosed with PCOS in 1997. My body journey from then to now has not been an easy one. I’ve been through most of the same challenges that many of my fellow PCOS Cysters have experienced: weight fluctuations, hirsutism, mood swings, skin discoloration, and more. I know how it is to feel like you are at war with your body, always trying to manage consistent body challenges. However, I want to tell you that Body Peace is possible. It is quite possible to build a loving relationship with your body at any given moment, even while you may still be learning to manage the symptoms and challenges of PCOS. I know it is possible because I’ve done it and I’ve supported several other women in finding Body Peace in their lives as well.

PCOS comes with its own ups and downs, consistently. We may have several moments of great times and progress in our wellness. Then, a challenge may come up and totally shift how we feel about our bodies. Along my body journey, I developed a few go-to tools that I use to help me manage the highs and lows of PCOS. Here are 5 of them:

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Ivy LaArtista

The Body Relationship Coach at See Body. Love Self.™
Ivy Cooper, The Body Relationship Coach™ is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Body Image Expert. She offers education, empowerment, and encouragement to help people build health, loving relationships with their body and self.

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