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Fitness…uggh!  I KNOW, the very word can bring feelings of angst and pain to our energy, right?  So many of us have negative emotions around the thought of fitness because we’ve had PLENTY of negative experiences.  Whether we’ve tried a fitness routine and failed miserably, or maybe we had that one trainer who was rude, disrespectful, or obnoxious, we’ve been through some rough spots with fitness.

I personally used to dread the thought of fitness (it still happens occasionally).  I wasn’t a very athletic child.  I spent most of my time with books and crafts.  I didn’t like being outside and the thought of playing any sport was just dreadful to me.  So, I never really explored my physical capabilities or talents.  I was more confident in my mental abilities than the physical ones.  When I became an adult, I brought that SAME mindset over to the idea of exercise and fitness.  I was already a woman in a larger body and I wasn’t confident in my athleticism, so the idea of working out in public with strangers was highly intimidating.   However, once I learned about body positive fitness, it changed my whole outlook!  Body positive fitness is the concept that exercise does not have to be about shame or punishment, rather it can be another way to love your body.  Instead of exercising under the pressure to lose weight or compete with others we can workout out and enjoy it!  When I began to choose my fitness activities based on what made me feel more confident and loving about my body, then I began to actually LOVE fitness.  Now that I am experiencing positive feelings around fitness and using it as a way to love my body, I want others to know this freedom too!   That is why “Mindfully Active” by Gillian Byers is one of my body’s favorite things.


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Gillian Byers

Personal Exercise Trainer

Mindfully Active.com


How did the idea for your business come to you?

It’s come together over time based on my own experience with exercise and my love of learning more about the amazing human body.

What do you love about Mindfully Active?

That I get to highly personalize exercise programs! We are all unique in so many ways and I love helping people feel excited about exercise because they’ve found something that works for their body and schedule; an exercise program that feels doable and enjoyable!

What is the most challenging part of what you do?

The writing required to get what I have to offer out into the world!

How does what you do with Mindfully Active help people to strengthen their body relationships?

I help people learn how to listen to their unique bodies, to find exercise that feels good and helps them function better. It really is amazing what our bodies can do and as we start to actually experience that we come to trust our bodies more and are able to experience a wider variety of activities that bring us joy.

What makes your fitness training different from others?

Weight loss is not my focus. I love the long list of reasons to exercise no matter what size you are! I feel that enjoying exercise is important along with listening to your body and working with it. I offer my services via Skype, Google Chat or Facetime, so people can stay at home and don’t need to live in the same city as I do.

What is one thing that you want every client to take away from their experience with Mindfully Active?

I want them to gain confidence in their own body. To realize that by working WITH it they can build strength and function and have a lot of fun!


I’m offering free 15 minute pitch free mini sessions right now!
In these sessions we’ll focus on 1 thing to get you moving forward. Perhaps it’s a particular exercise you are struggling with or a goal you are after and we can get you going on the very first step. Other options are brainstorming little ways you can fit movement in throughout your busy day; at your desk, with your children etc. There’s a lot we cannot cover in 15 minutes, but I’m sure I can help you walk away with at least one valuable and personalized step to help you exercise with more ease and confidence! To sign-up go here:

I’ll be in touch soon to schedule a time!

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