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Love Connection

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When was the last time you experienced loving touch?  Have you ever experienced the touch of Divine Love?  I am not referring to a sexual, sensual touch, but a touch energized by pure Love. Some of us are only used to our bodies being touched for functional purpose: at the doctor’s office, at the beauty salon, at the physical trainer appointment. Many of us are only familiar with touch for sensual purpose: sex with a partner or masturbation.  However few of us experience touch, from head to toe, purely for a Divine Love Connection.

In my morning meditation today I focused on experiencing a Love Connection.  I allowed my body and my self to be completely embraced by the Divine Love of The Creator. Here is what I experienced:

  • I sat alone in a quiet, peaceful environment and closed my eyes
  • I started by tuning into the words “Infinite Love” with my minds eye, imagining the words written before me.
  • I connected with The Creator (You may use the term God)
  • I imagined The Creator touching each part of my body with pure, Divine Love from head to toe. (Very similar to doing a body scan)

As I allowed each and every part of my body to connect with the power of Divine Love, warm tears began to slowly fall from each of my eyes. I felt such beautiful, cleansing, healing energy.  I realized the parts of my body that had not been loved in quite a while.  I connected with those parts that often go forgotten: the bridge of my nose, the crease on the back of my knee, even the spaces in between my toes.  Although we may wash and lotion them during my self care routine, how often do we stop to give thanks and show love to every part of our bodies?

This Love Connection experience reminded me that body love and self love is about more than just saying affirmations, eating healthy, or engaging in fitness. A healthy body relationship needs to nurtured spiritually as well. I believe we originate from the Divine Love Source: The Creator.  Therefore, I believe that taking a few moments to regularly connect with Divine Love we will receive the healing, cleansing, and power that we need to achieve a healthy relationship with our bodies, our selves, and others.


Thought provoking questions:

Do you engage in regular activities that allow you to spiritually connect with The Creator?

Have you experienced pure Love touch, that was not for functional, sexual, or self care?

Would you try a Divine Love body scan?

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Ivy Cooper, The Body Relationship Coach™ is a professional health coach and body image expert. She offers education, empowerment, and encouragement to help people build health, loving relationships with their body and self.
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