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21 Days And 21 Body Parts | One Woman’s Body Thanks

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There are so many ways to be thankful and to express thanks.  During the 21 Days of Body Thanks 2013, I have seen people discover, embrace, and share their body journeys in so many unique and beautiful ways.  When I first introduced the concept to the public, I never imagined all the ways that people would have their own experiences with giving thanks for their bodies.  I have seen people experience healing.  I have seen some people connect with others and find mutual support on learning to love their bodies.  I have also seen people realize just how special they are body and soul.

Alyssa Lasseter is a friend of mine, who lives in Atlanta Georgia.  I met her through the women’s empowerment group that I founded REFRESH Women™.  Alyssa is a beautiful person inside and out with a beautiful spirit and energy.  This picture of her  displayed above, perfectly captures her spirit: calm and beautiful.  From the time I first met her I admired her authenticity.  She is the type of person who is authentic about her life and non judgmental of others.  In the past two years that I have known her, I have seen her be consistently warm, loving and most of all genuine.  I was so happy to receive a message from her the other day discussing her personal take on the 21 Days of Body Thanks.  Being the beautiful person that she is, she encouraged me to share her words as I see fit.  So, I mentioned sharing them in a blog and she was more than happy to let me do so.  Here is her personal memo of how she gives thanks for her body.  As human beings, we have a lot more in common with others than we think.  I encourage you to read her words and see what resonates with you and be open to inspiration, enlightenment, and healing.


Hi Ivy, so I haven’t been taking pictures but your 21 day project has been front of mind for me, and on this 21st day I thought I would share the 21 parts of my body that I’m thankful for, feel free to share

1. My moles and beauty marks, on my back there is a triangle of moles the same as my mother and I love the connection that shows between us. I also have them from the top of my head to between my toes

2. My dimple – it’s on the right side, and I love the way it frames my smile

3. My eyes – they’re hazel and reflect colors that I wear so they can appear blue to green, and they can dig deep and communicate such a wide variance of emotion

4. My hands – they’re wrinkly and old looking, and I’ve always thought they represent an old soul, I love the creases in my palms and play with silly putty or glue whenever I get the chance, replicated the crevices they create

5. My hair – the shades it has naturally and the thickness has allowed me to enjoy and play with it over the years (it’s been blue to red, short to long, parts shaved at a time, 10-12 inches cut off for donations, it’s played many roles in the stages of my life)

6. My breasts – as I put on weight I’ve love them the best as part of that, I remember the first time I noticed their growth, and have loved them ever since!

7-11. nose, mouth, hands, ears, eyes – thankful that all of my senses are with me to experience and explore our beautiful world

12. my feet – they pull me through, one foot in front of another and I have walked 20 miles, climbed mountains, kicked through water, and gotten to build my own movement

13. my thighs – they’ve always been referred to as thick, even as an adolescent, and while some friends thought it was an insult, I loved them as they were steady and strong

14. my eyebrows and eyelashes – they do such a great job framing my eyes

15. my nails – I love them enough to pamper them with man/pedis whenever I get the chance, I keep my fingers buffed and my toes pop with color and design

16. my brain – while I can’t see it, I love the way it works and can juggle so many things, keeping me engaged and educated, allowing me to learn new things and keeps me open to new experiences

17. my arms – sometimes they amaze me with their strength. I’m not always as quick to open them to hold someone as maybe I should be, but when I do hold on, it’s tight and strong

18. my tattoos – they remind me of my life, growth and choices, representing my place of birth, childhood and becoming an adult that connects and loves

19. my hips – love the shape they provide and the something to hold on to

20. my skin – it’s dry, I’ve got eczema, I pick at it, and yet it still protects all of the amazing things going on underneath it. it loves me and teaches me that when I care for something that might not be in the shape you want it to be, the care and time put in pays off

21. my smile.

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