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2013: Twelve Things Learned and One New Year Resolution

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I haven’t been big on New Year Resolutions in a very long time. After several years of making resolutions and not keeping them, I have learned that most of it was about obligation and not true commitment to my own welfare.  So I decided a while ago to just stop lying to myself and be more authentic in my approach.  There is no point in making a “to do” list for the year that I have no connection with or commitment to. I resolved to not make promises to myself that I couldn’t keep.

This morning, I woke up and I wanted to reflect on the past year of 2013.   A LOT of change happened for me this year and I wanted to take a moment to meditate and reflect.  So, I picked up pen and paper and began to organically write the things that came to mind.  I ended up with a list of 12 things that I learned from my experiences, challenges, and victories in 2013.  I was going to keep them to myself, but I decided that I would share them with people like you, in the SBLS Community. Sometimes our greatest lessons can be someone else’s source of inspiration.

1. Be Clear and Concise In All Communications

There were a few times last year where I had personal and business conversations with others and I gave a quick “uh huh”, “yes”, “sure” a little too fast. I committed to things without getting all the details of the other person’s expectations or discussing my own with clarity.  I learned that it pays to be clear and concise about what is desired and what is expected, so that both parties can have a mutually beneficial outcome.

2. There Are More Who Be With You Than Against You

Yes, I can be quick to fall into conspiracy theorist mode. It can be easy to think that there are so many people against us.  Look at how often people speak of their “haters”.  With the major changes and challenges that I experienced this year I learned more than ever that the force of Love that comes from The Creator, and those who are for me is much greater in proportion to any who may be against me.

3. When You Hear Creator Speak, Step Out On Faith and The Universe Will Conspire To Support Your Success 

Yeeeees! This one is so very powerful.  Can you feel it? If not, than please read it again.  When The Creator of The Universe speaks and we walk in faith to carry out the the assignments, directions, and creations that have been given to us, then The Universe will conspire in our favor to ensure our success.  I have tested this theory and I invite you to do so and see for yourself.  Trust The Creator. Take the leap.  Watch how things will work out in your favor.

4. Provision Will Come At The Right Time And Last For The Right Season

This is closely related to the previous lesson.  I have learned that what I need comes when I need it and lasts only as long as necessary.  This means that I may not see the provision ahead of time before it is necessary.  It also means that it will cease to exist once my needs have been met.  All I need to know is that The Creator will take me from one provision to the next seamlessly without any detriment to my life.

5. Your Brand and Your Mission Are 24/7. Walk the Talk. Share and Speak Your Mission…CONFIDENTLY! 

I embrace the fact that I am a holistic entrepreneur.  That means my brand and my life are one and the same.  There is no “9-5″ limitation where I shut down on sharing or living my life mission.  My mission is not just a slogan. It is a lifestyle: “Embrace your body now. Love yourself always.™”

6. Shit Happens. Don’t Let It Deter or Distract You 

Negative, hurtful, challenging, and even devastating things happen in life.  It is healthy and harmonic to embrace the feelings and emotions of those things.  However, if we allow them to sidetrack us from our goals and missions then they have become successful attacks.  The best way to overcome these things is to use them to our advantage to help us grow WHILE we remain progressive in our goals.

7. Tap Into Undiscovered Resources 

There are a lot of things out there that I haven’t tried yet.  There are a lot of informational, educational, and financial resources waiting to be discovered and used to my benefit. By staying in the same routines, same locations, and same social circles I can be limiting myself from discovering valuable resources.  Branching out and exploring is for our good!

8. Make A Point To Avoid Assumptions

Yes! Assumptions truly can make an ass out of you.  I have learned that taking a moment (however long that may be) to just pause and hear the whole matter before assuming that I know everything can save me a lot of conflict and energy.

9. Sometimes What Looks Like “Reverse” Is Actually “Fast Forward” 

Oh! How I have learned this lesson in 2013.  We can easily make assumptions (see #8) about what success looks like. We work hard to obtain credentials and material goods as proof of our success.   So, when we come to a period in our life where we release things: jobs, homes, cars, clothing, etc. It can feel like we are going back to where we came from and losing what we’ve gained.  I have come to embrace the beauty of minimalism.  Having a lot of anything does not equal success. The releasing stage in our lives can be the preparatory stage to move into the next one, with less weight.

10. It Is Okay To Be Still, Be Calm, and Rest.

Being “busy” is not the same as being productive.  It is absolutely possible to be productive in stillness and silence.  Rest is necessary for productivity.

11. Be Fully In The Moment, Every Moment, As Much As Possible.

We miss SO much.  We expend a lot of energy in planning and preparing for what is coming “next” and disregard the priceless value of the “now”.  What are we missing by talking on the phone instead of engaging the cashier at the store? What are we missing by thinking of other things while a child is talking to us? What are we missing by running around instead of sitting down and enjoying our meal? Each moment prepares us for the very next one.  Tuning in will help us embrace all of life’s goodness.

12. Be Bold Enough To Ask For What You Want

We never know what can be ours until we ask for it. The hesitation of asking can be ego, self doubt, or even assumptions of a negative outcome.  Release negative thinking and just ASK!


This year I’m making a change.  I DO have ONE New Year Resolution

1. Take the 12 lessons learned in 2013 and apply them to 2014, so that none of my experiences will be in vain.


I’d love to hear from you about what your 2013 lessons were.  Did we have any in common? Do any of the 12 lessons resonate with you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions  for the upcoming 2014 year?


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    Hi! I’m visiting from the SITS GIRLS Tribe! You are so right in all of these! I hope you are doing well with these so far this year!

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