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“You are NOT the boss of me!”  Remember, that phrase from childhood,  when we would boldly proclaim our rights to govern ourselves? We were so confident in the fact that no one should be able to tell us what to do because we were “big girls” and quite capable of making our OWN decisions.  What ever happened to THAT? When did we start quieting our inner confident, sassy girl for a docile, compliant “lady” who follows societies rules and expectations?  Quite frankly I am tired of everyone else telling ME what I should and should not like about me.  I am ready to be passionately and boldly in love with my body and myself.  That is why I have started the See Body. Love Self.™  movement.

See Body. Love Self. was born from my own life experiences with body hate, body abuse, and body bullying due to lack of resources and support.  I have faced body challenges related to my body since an early age.  After understanding just how much my relationship with my body impacted my life story, I realized it was necessary to reach out and empower others with my experiences.  As I have journeyed from a negative body relationship to one of enlightenment, I am continuously learning to love myself and my body along the way.  My joy is in helping others discover a healthy, loving relationship with their own bodies.

See Body. Love Self. is about seeing your body for exactly what it is in this moment, and loving yourself completely.  It is about embracing all of your uniqueness without accepting judgement from others or self.  Only when we embrace ourselves completely can we experience the true power that Body Love brings.  It is that Love that gives us the power to make healthy body decisions in all areas of our lives

I am inviting you to join me in this Body Love journey as we take one step at a time in learning to See Body. Love Self. more and more each day. Let’s begin to take our voices back and get free about the issues with our bodies.  I challenge you to join me in releasing judgment, stereotypes, bullying, and abuse of ourselves and others.  The beautiful thing about this is that none of us have arrived, because we all have something about ourselves that we need to learn to embrace.  

The See Body. Love Self. movement will provide education, empowerment, and encouragement for those seeking to live a body positive lifestyle.  With infinite ways to love our bodies through health and fitness; fashion and style; sensuality and sexuality; we have plenty to share.  There are lots of ways that this body love goodness will be coming your way very soon!  In the meantime I’d love to have you connect with this movement right now through social media by clicking the icons below:




Coming in a month, I will be sending exclusive invites to participate in a Body Love campaign where you will be able to share your body love via social media and qualify for special gifts at the same time.  So, be sure you sign up for my See Body. Love Self. Mailing List to get the details!


Let’s get to lovin’….body lovin’! 

Ivy LaArtista is an artist, social change agent, writer, and entrepreneur who uses her talents to promote empowerment, education and self expression. As a professional makeup artist she uses her artistic talent to help women embrace their natural beauty. As the founder of See Body. Love Self. she educates about the importance of positive body relationship. As a writer and speaker she shares her life story through “Naked” words.

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