“Live Your Truth” With Chatterbox Christie | The Power of “I Am”

“Live Your Truth” With Chatterbox Christie | The Power of “I Am”
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A couple of years ago I ran across a powerful quote from Joel Osteen that really spoke to me…“Pay attention to what you are saying about yourself. Your life is moving in the direction of your words”

I’d like to revise the first sentence to say this… ”Pay attention to what you say to yourself.”
The impact is just as great… or greater.
There is nothing more powerful than the words that come behind “I AM…”
There is even more power in believing those words.
What you believe will guide how you live.
Are you living a lie?
Or are you living your truth?

I can tell you from experience that living a lie is easy.
It is very simple to say “I am fat… I am weird… I am scatterbrained… I am ugly… I am too old…”
There is little to no work involved.
It is even simpler to just let someone else find the words to put behind “I am” for me.
That just let’s me off the hook completely.

Living my truth is work.
It takes strength and courage to push past the lies I’ve been told and the lies I tell myself.
Living my truth takes love.
Loving myself on the good days is a given… Loving myself on the bad days when the lies are easier to believe takes patience… faith… and above all, practice.
Living my truth takes guts.
I have to own my truth…believe in it… and not apologize for it or back down from it.
It takes guts, strength, courage, and love to decide for myself to change what comes behind “I am.”
To change “I am fat” into “I am fabulously full-figured.”
“I am weird” into “I am limited edition…one of a kind… imperfectly inspired… marvelously unique.”
“I am scatterbrained” into “I am multi-passionate.”
“I am ugly” into “I am flawless.”
“I am too old?” 
Listen, 24 hours from the date of this post will be the first day of my 41st year of life…
This party is just getting started!

Live your truth… you are worth it!


cgcimage Live Your Truth With Chatterbox Christie | The Power of I Am  Christie Glascoe Crowder

  “Chatterbox Christie”

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My life is a work in progress. I strive to enlighten as I entertain. I talk…a lot…about people,   places, and #CoolestThings that move and motivate me.





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